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Commercial Construction Estimating Services in the USA

Calculating commercial construction estimating cost is a technical task and has a high probability of errors occurring. Professional help is always needed for getting things done righteously. States Estimating beholding all the traits of proficiency and diligence is a green signal for you to have a perfect commercial construction estimating service for your project.

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We are an estimation providing company with over 14 years of estimating experience. We claim 98 percent accuracy with refund policy for any error in quantities.

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Our Commercial Cost Estimation Service

States Estimating has designed its commercial construction estimating services for commercial contractors, developers, architects and design & engineering companies.

Commercial Estimation Service

A high degree of technicality and knowledge is vital in the creation of commercial construction estimates. A noteworthy judgment is that if costing assessments are done correctly, it privileges the investor in its budget arrangements and keeps the cost under control throughout till the end. Our experts absorb a high-scale knowledgeability in handling takeoffs and commercial construction estimate creation for new buildings, building addition or renovation projects. We have formed a great portfolio over time corresponding to our diversified achievements. 

States Estimating offers a robust schedule for all commercial construction projects and provides timely consultancy for estimates. Developers, owners, contractors or architects, who lack the experience required for estimating the material or labor quantity for the trade of different magnitudes, and do not have the know-how for filing a bid proposal, then we are the ultimate way out for them.

Every single engineer, surveyor, and commercial building cost estimator at States Estimating is highly capable to derive accurate estimation services within the specified time. We make you lead the competition through our wise strategic planning for construction costs, anticipating profitability, and bid proposal creations.

Commercial Construction Estimating | States Estimating
Commercial Construction Estimating | States Estimating

Commercial Construction Estimates for General Contractors and Sub Contractors

States Estimating holds a prominent position in the estimation market owing to our consistent spectacular performance throughout. The comprehensive and accurate commercial construction estimating we provide to the contractors incorporates every minor to major description and highlighted markup figures. The price approximation for the quantities of material, labor, and technology usage is done with the help of software databases. 

It is obvious that the pricing mechanism differs from area to area and state to state. We occupy detailed knowledge about it and make commercial cost estimations with respect to its location. We put in a zipcode costing practice to assess the right pricing figures.

Our team develop an extensive list of materials requirements that are going to be used in the construction associated with the models and vendors’ descriptions of the particular location. Labor specifications along with their working hours are also mentioned in the list to carry out exact cost estimates. All the takeoff details are formatted into the spreadsheet or a master format set up by our engineers or according to the contractors’ customization.

Our bid proposal planning is another wonder we do for our contractors. We provide an ultimate solution for bidding help in which we estimate accurate bids, set profitability, and curate winning bid proposals. This in turn increases the value of the project and set a competitive edge for the contractor. We take care of the legal claims for value engineering and work precisely in the domains of takeoff procurement, project scheduling & management, and cost & change order management. We also assist contractors in generating leads for the project.


Commercial Construction Estimates for Designers and Architects

States Estimating is a vigilant estimator for all the phases of commercial construction projects. Be it a preliminary stage or a designing phase, bidding or budget formation, our team’s estimates are always justified. Designing the building structure takes a lot of time and amendments while reaching the finalized form. Each design adheres to a diverse set of budgets as every addition or deletion is more or less costly than the previous design. 

We work in association with the designers and architects for estimating the correct budget according to variant structures. We disclose every inch of the money-taking arenas to avoid any hidden charges being levied on the client. Based on our estimates, designers finalise the building structure which costs remain within the budget bracket of the client. We deliver a complete estimation package that includes the estimates of schematic design, structural design creation and construction documentation. We also review the designs and requirements to omit possible errors and to ensure consistency in the work progress. 

Commercial Construction Estimating | States Estimating
Commercial Construction Estimating | States Estimating

Commercial Construction Estimating for Design-Build Companies

States Estimating has developed its estimation links with many diverse groups. This includes not only residential or commercial contractors, designers, architects and investors but also design-build companies who take on the responsibility of designing and constructing a building in a single contract.
These firms have to be very cautious about creating budgets. They need thorough estimation to carry out the project in a controlled manner. The owner of the project has limited financial resources with respect to the material, labor, and tool & equipment. They require a clear-cut estimation from start till the end to avoid cost overrun. Not only these ends, but they also require an alert commercial painting estimator to judge the cost patterns throughout.
Our diligent estimation crew delivers comprehensive designing and construction cost estimates to design-build companies. This incorporates the costs of all the phases from early design development to the completion of the project.

The major areas we cover in our estimation are:

  • Mechanical, engineering, architecture designing and planning
  • Subcontractor charges
  • Labor, Material Takeoff Quantity, and Equipment Pricing
  • Labor working hours costs
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