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How Can I Estimate the Square Foot Cost of Construction?

Whenever a construction project is initialized the very first question that takes place in the minds of the owners or investors is about the total cost of the building construction. There is no abrupt answer to this. The total cost is depending upon several factors that put a great impact while making cost estimates. Undoubtedly, people anxiously want the estimators to estimate the square foot cost of the building accurately and quickly so that they become clear upon making decisions. This is a time-taking task as like the total cost of construction, square foot cost also has to pass through varying factors. This article comprises a comprehensive guide related to the cost-affecting factors and a stepwise cost-determination module.

Square Foot Cost Influencing Factors:

Vivid comparisons in the planning phase and contractors’ bid proposals are the primary undertakings in any construction model. After getting a clear knowledge about the costing structure and square footage of the building, move upon the impacting elements that alter the estimation figures from different angles.

Dimensions and Size of the Building:

Normally, there is a mindset that the bigger the house, the more will be the square foot cost, and the smaller the house, the lesser will be the square foot cost. In reality, the case is the opposite. When the building expanse gets wider, it increases the total cost of construction and lowers the square foot cost as the expensive installations spread out throughout the building. On the other hand, small sized house requires the same costly items which incline its square foot cost but reduces the overall construction cost. The combination of the expensive or inexpensive rooms in a building decides the square foot cost of it.

Design Layout of The Building:

Construction pattern impacts greatly while calculating the cost per square foot of a building. A simple layout will definitely cost less as compared to an elaborative patterned building. A complicated design requires more time for completion and also the efforts of the labor to put things in the right way. This factor adds additional cost. Moreover, the type of material suggested also varies the square foot cost of a single-story or double-story house.

Location of Construction:

Construction location influences the cost calculation of the building. Some areas are less expensive for constructing an entity whereas, others may cost higher. This scenario happens to owe to the labor cost, material resources, and accessible position of any particular location. Construction projects based on the urban locality act differently to estimate the square foot cost in a contrast to the projects of rural vicinity.

Site Work in a Construction:

One more important factor that affects the square foot cost of a building is the site condition of the construction project. The utility supplies, foundation setup, public or private arrangements, tree-clearing activity, and more alike elements add up in the final square foot calculation.

Square Foot Construction Cost Computation:

Costing elements flare up, especially when deriving residential construction estimates. In order to reach the final financing decision, there is a need to have an exact per-square-foot cost of construction in hand. Following the set procedure, you will be able to calculate the costs correctly.

Ascertain the Type of Construction:

The type of construction project is the first and foremost element of consideration to estimate the square foot cost of a building. Construction related to the new formation, building addition, or renovation differs greatly when calculating square footage.

Learn the Magnitude of Construction:

Determining the total magnitude of your construction area can help you evaluate the correct square foot costs. This exercise if done by a professional help can be beneficial in getting the right figures. By doing so, include all the extents that are part of the construction. These may comprise ceilings, sidings, walls, and other features. 

Consumption of Material Resources in the Construction:

Material costs at all times differ from location to location. The price of one element might be cheap in one place and costly in another. Material segments cover the lumber work, flooring, roofing, walls, and other items required for construction. Get a clear picture of each item’s cost pertaining to your location to determine the actual square foot cost.

Labor Work in the Building Construction:

In addition to the cost of quantities and materials, you will also have to consider the labor costs. This includes the cost of hiring contractors, electricians, plumbers, and all other professionals that you may require to complete your building construction project. To get a more accurate estimate, it’s important to get quotes from several contractors and make price comparisons.

Hire a Qualified Construction Estimator:

A construction estimator is a specialized person who works in the domain of calculating construction costs. It takes the assistance of the cost estimation software coupled with industry knowledge and frames out actual cost evaluations. For 100% transparency and accuracy in your final square foot cost estimation, a qualified construction estimator is all you want. It delves into deep analysis and executes exact estimations based on the scope of the construction project.

 Make Sheer Estimates Comparison:

Once you have passed through all the costing segments and reached the final square foot and total cost of construction, make comparisons. Keep in your front the overall evaluation and square foot cost. This practice will open your mind to think wider about your spending. You can make an informed decision about what to spend and how to spend throughout your construction project journey.

Final Words:

Evaluating the square footage of your building and estimating the per-square-foot cost holds an imperative position in the initial phases of the construction project. There are present several external impelling factors that can modify the square foot cost patterns. Consideration of all can lead you to land on accurate estimations. Following the detailed guide elaborated before can assist you in reaching the actual figures. Proper research and estimates comparison prior to starting the construction project is the ultimate demand. It aids in shaping your spending manner from start to end.

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