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States Estimating is your most reliable cost estimating partner deriving 100% accuracy in their estimates. Our professional estimators are highly trained and without a doubt, can handle simple to complex construction estimation or take-off estimation projects.

Yes, you can. Since our establishment, we have carried out many estimation projects of different natures. You can see it in our portfolio. Meanwhile, you can check for the end results and can verify from our contractors, engineers, architects and other clients.

Our estimation is based on our previous working figures for the relevant projects. We do not charge on per our basis as we provide an overall estimation to contractors, designers and architects on demand. Our aim is to save the time and money of our clients by sharing the estimation burden with them.

In most cases, we deliver accurate estimates within a maximum of 48 hours. Sometimes turnaround delivery may extend to 3-4 days depending upon the size and complexity of the project. For an emergency estimation project we also workout efficiently to deliver to you within your requested timeframe. In that, we may charge an extra fee for overtime working costs to accommodate you before your bid date.

States Estimating is a leading estimation firm that delivers cost-effective and precise construction estimates. Our team involves their capability by merging it with different software to bring out accurate results. We use Plan Swift, RS Mean, Quest Estimating, Trimble and Blue Bean for project estimation.

Having the smart estimation team of States Estimating, nothing is impossible. We collaborate with the designers and developers in the early phases of the construction project. We take an idea about the building design and provide preliminary estimates for it. Based on this estimation of the building, essential modifications are done in the design keeping in view the client’s budget.

States Estimating has served years in dealing with different scenarios of estimation projects. Our expert estimators have never been puzzled at any stage owing to the experience they hold. So, you just give us the quantities and building designs, the rest we will do it.

We handle all types of projects that include new construction, renovation, remodeling and a new addition for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

We have made the process easy and trouble-free for you to send us plans. Send us by following ways:

  1. Email your project plan to us at
  2. You can upload your plan PDF or any document on our contact us page and fill up the form to submit your details.

States Estimating put in all the relevant elements for estimation while calculating the cost. Our results are 100% accurate without any exaggeration. We rely on zipcode-based pricing methodology to estimate the prices of the material quantity or labour man hours according to the specific location and submit a comprehensive estimation spreadsheet to you. Therefore, you can make amendments to your design or planning based on our estimates to keep the project within budget.

Outsourcing construction estimation task is very vital to gain lucrative results. Construction estimation done by expert estimators can save up the time of busy contractors that can serve that time handling other important business matters. Likewise, it also saves up the overall cost of the project by providing precise estimations resulting in huge expenses and cost cuts.

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