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Residential Cost Estimation Service in the USA

States Estimating is a top leading residential construction estimates service provider all around the USA. The latest estimating mechanism and up-to-date technology are the competitive edge we own and thus, have made us the master of the field. 

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We are an estimation providing company with over 14 years of estimating experience. We claim 98 percent accuracy with refund policy for any error in quantities.

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Our Residential Cost Estimation Service

We have categorized our staff members according to the estimation we offer. For the residential arenas, residential construction estimator is assigned. 

Estimates of Residential Construction

By having our footsteps in multiple areas, our residential estimating is of great help to those yearning for bid wins. Our capable team not only curates accurate residential construction estimates based on their vast knowledge but also assists in completing bidding documentation up to the mark. Our estimates enable you to play a big game in the contracting industry and help you to gain the maximum business bids of your choice. We manage a complete bidding profile for you along with putting lead generation tactics and promotional activities. 

We are a trustworthy company to handle any type of residential estimating work assigned. From a simple housing setup to a gigantic multi-story structure, our estimators are attributed to grip wonders in all.

With us, you do not have to worry about running your daily business matters. Hand over the residential construction estimating to us and focus on the other side of your business. Our proficiency in estimating exact quantities takeoff costs and using high-tech estimation software derive zero % chance of error. 

States Estimating has completed several estimating projects for newly developed houses and renovated or remodeled houses. Our extensive working background has put all the cost factor elements at our fingertips. Contractors are busy enough for making estimation plans for their clients and they also lack the required expertise to do it correctly. We are available to provide complete assistance to you in this regard.

residential construction estimates | States Estimating
residential construction estimates | States Estimating

Residential Construction Estimates for Developers and Investors

Sometimes finance generation from developers or investors becomes crucial as there are many cost elements that they are interested in for setting exact budgets. An accurate budget is always required to make decisions. In the case of developers, these preliminary estimates serve as their backbone for progressing further. Our reliable residential construction estimating services for single to multi-family construction project acts as a savior for developers. We display all the possible hidden charges to save you from being out of budget. We assure you that your project will remain within the estimate and as scheduled. 

A comparative bid is taken by the investors from the contractors before they start working on the construction. That bid is given to the third party to verify the estimation. Our residential estimates are in accordance with the third-party estimates and create a clear pathway for valuable negotiations with the contractors and subcontractors for gaining bids at market value.

Construction projects for duplexes and apartments require comprehensive estimating for high profitable gains. We work closely with the developers by discussing each cost factor clearly. Our expert team is credible to derive accurate estimates for these complex natured projects and identify underlying issues beforehand. Our overall project management estimates need no value engineering to lower costs and can pull out lucrative results. 

Residential Estimates for General Contractors and Sub Contractors

Contractors are usually busy handling various routine activities in their field. For them, there is the need for professional help for estimating residential construction cost to win high bids proposals. Our experienced team has never let our clients disappoint in this regard. Our diligent estimation service not only grab the first bid winning opportunity but also prepare quotes submission firsthand. We deliver a number of supportive services named as projects lead generation, contractors advertising and managing bid profiles of contractors in a systematic manner. 

We have been in a long term commitment with the vendors and contractors of the construction industry for giving residential estimates. Our engineering in acquiring exact numbers of takeoff quantities with respect to labour, material and other constructing elements is unparalleled to any. Besides this, our team is also proficient in estimating residential electrical work in exact figures. 

By the amalgamation of our expertise and software databases, we have helped many contractors in the accomplishments of residential construction within set budgets. A single-family building structure or a multiple-storey construction doesn’t matter to us. Our capabilities are enough to estimate all with utter correctness.

Our portfolio tells all about our credibility. In our previous experience, we have been accredited on accomplishing many new construction and remodelling residential construction estimates projects. The on-site supervision help us in getting quick takeoff quantities for preparing quotes. We put the contractors at ease to carry on with their routine work while leaving estimation to us.

residential construction estimates | States Estimating
residential construction estimates | States Estimating

Residential Electric Work Estimation

States Estimating’s online portal is of great help to measure exact electrical estimate for residential construction. Our residential electric estimation service saves you from being a burden on your pockets in terms of paying huge overheads. Our estimation department comes in the usage for making huge estimates of the building’s electrical consumption elements including heavy residential lift station cost estimate. Thus this saves your power and energy for making an estimation on your own. The basis of our service provision is to alleviate your estimating pressure and to make you knowledgeable about the process of getting bid wins. We take on our residential estimating process keeping in account the distinct specifications of contractors, owners, lenders, homebuilders, architects, and owners. Have faith in us and we will never let you down. 


Our Portfolio of the Top-Leading Residential Estimation Projects Accomplishments

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Condominium
  • Custom homes
  • Duplex/Triplex Houses
  • Home additions
  • Home Improvements
  • Mansions
  • Modular homes
  • Multi-Family Residential Houses
  • Remodeling
  • Single-Family Residential Houses
  • Townhouses
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