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Online Estimators and Quantity surveyors

What are Online Estimators and Quantity surveyors?

In the field of building construction, accuracy in cost or resource estimation is indispensable. This carves the path toward the success of the project. According to your mind, who is responsible for this estimation? They are the online estimators and quantity surveyors associated with a construction project. They are masters in their field and involve top-notch estimating services for exact results. Talking about cost or budget management, they perform almost similarly to make sure the project is going in a streamlined manner. In this article, we will highlight the importance of these two professions in the construction project. Also, we will put light on some differing practices of the two in the industry.

Basic Understanding of Online Estimator, Quantity Surveyor, and Quantity Takeoff:

Online Estimator

An online estimator refers to a software application that assists construction experts in estimating the required resources and cost of a project in the right way. The demand for online estimators is witnessing an upward trend in the construction industry. Moreover, it is the advanced version of construction cost estimation and stood more advantageous than conventional estimation methods. The accuracy rate of building estimation that an online estimator is accountable for is also very high. It shows up on the results as quickly as the wink of an eye, which is indeed a need in this fast-paced construction world. Taking the help of an online estimator supports good management of costs and resources. Ultimately, it leads to project completion within time and budget.

Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor is a specialized expert in the field of project construction. It plays the role of estimating costs and resources as required for the projects. They work and stay connected with designers, architects, engineers, contractors, and all other project entities. This combination helps in the preparation of cost estimates, bills of quantities, and other documents that are necessary for successful project completion. A quantity surveyor has a prominent role to play in the management of the project costs and resources, from the initial planning stages to the final project accomplishment.

Quantity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff is the measurement and quantification of the total resources needed in a construction project namely, materials, labor, and equipment. This phase holds much importance in the entire construction estimation process. If it is done accurately, the project meets with success and on the other hand, if done wrongfully, failure is fate. Quantity takeoff is usually practiced through manual means, but following the current scenario, it sometimes takes the help of software applications, also known as online estimators.

Gains with the Combo of Online Estimators and Quantity Surveyors:

The combination of online estimators and quantity surveyors can bring fruitful results to the construction company. By being mutually connected, they ensure reliability and exactness in their estimates. Also, such grouping aids in optimal resource management for construction projects. The takeoff data that the online estimator provides is further used in the preparation of construction documents and material bills. The accuracy of the collected information determines the success factor of a project. The online software application in the use of construction estimators for measuring material quantity works efficiently only when surveyors intervene. Therefore, it is of great help in the attainment of goals regarding project completion referring to time and budget. This combo proceeds with giving ever-lasting benefits to the construction industry in the following ways.

Quick Estimation

The combined efforts of both help in the provision of truthful estimates more speedily. This trait is to the current scenario of the fast-paced construction world. This also supports all construction entities to make rapid decisions efficiently.

Optimum Resource Management

The software estimating and quantity surveying encourage a steadfast resource management function to an optimal level. The construction experts now do not have to exert much in finding ways to keep the process within time-bound and financial limits

Precise Cost Estimates

Both together can maintain precision and correctness in the final cost evaluations when compared to the conventional estimation techniques. This in turn favors several excessive cost cuts to save from overruns and on-time accomplishment reduces the risk of delays.

Alleviate Risk Factor

Online estimators and quantity surveyors collectively form the basis of early identification of probable risk factors that can endanger the progression of a construction project at any point. Based on such findings, experts develop contingency plans to mitigate them. This helps in issue resolution from all ends that, if ignored, can arise at some stage in a construction project.

Improved Collaboration

This combination not only proves well in the estimation phase but also develops a strong networking environment among the construction project’s stakeholders. This incorporates estimators, investors, architects, developers, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors. This gives a surety that all the concerned partners have the same vision towards the project and performing to attain similar objectives.

How Do Online Estimators Differ From Quantity Surveyors?

Besides the concurrence between the two, there lies some dissimilarity in their functionalities. Do you know what these are? Let us check here.

Firstly, the difference between online estimators and quantity surveyors comes in the mechanism of their estimation. Online estimators take help of the specialized software for cost determination, whereas, quantity surveyors rely more on manual methods by applying their experience and knowledge background in estimation.

Secondly, online estimator focuses on a single project at a time, while quantity surveyors are accountable for administering costs across multiple projects.

Thirdly, quantity surveyors are involved in the management of contracts. They make sure that the payment structure is systemized regarding on-time payments. On the other hand, online estimators only deal with creating precise estimates.

Fourthly, online construction estimator typically doesn’t require certification in the estimation field as compared to quantity surveyors. Quantity surveyors secure a certification of Chartered Surveyor or a Professional Quantity Surveyor.


Online estimators and quantity surveyors are an integral part of the construction industry. They render numerous benefits in a contrast to traditional methods of cost estimation. Despite some differences, this working combo helps in managing entire construction aspects from resource allocation to on-time project completion with utter diligence. If you are associated with the construction field, it is worthwhile for you to explore the significance of both in the industry.

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