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Preliminary Cost Estimation in the USA

States Estimating beholds a vision to satisfy its clients to the optimum level by giving the best-matched preliminary estimate. Our ideology lies in making continuous improvements and shortening the turnaround time for you to make the estimation of the construction journey all the more efficient. 

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We are an estimation providing company with over 14 years of estimating experience. We claim 98 percent accuracy with refund policy for any error in quantities.

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Our Preliminary Cost Estimation Service

States Estimating assists the architects and designers in completing the building design within the budget by giving a precise preliminary estimate. No matter what percentage of your drawing has been completed, we are here to guide you throughout your design phase. By providing time-to-time estimates according to the prepared shape of the structure, designing becomes easy and costs can be kept under control. 

These preliminary estimates activate your judgements about whether you are doing within your client’s budget or not  If the direction of work is out of budget cost then it can be rectified at the earliest possible. Architects fear doing estimations on their own for incomplete building sketches. Our team of expert estimators is the ultimate rescue for them to deliver timely cost estimates. 

Preliminary estimation by our company not only can derive timely quotes from the suppliers but also helps many contractors in their bid proposal preparation. Our comprehensive prior-to-construction estimates for the structural footage make you able to scrutinize the feasibility of the project. On having good feasibility, the schematic presentation then turns into the real formation and if the feasibility falls into the doubtful situation, the project becomes crucial to work on. 

Our long-term commitment to the estimation industry has made us the spotlight for residential, commercial and industrial contractors. Our justifiable and accurate preliminary estimating services have led us towards the path of success. On the basis of our estimates, many contractors and developers have gained profitable returns on their successful project completion within time and budget. 

Preliminary Estimate | States Estimating
Preliminary Estimate | States Estimating

Types of Preliminary Estimation We Offer

A preliminary estimate also known as conceptual estimation is a cost projection technique to check the feasibility of the construction project before its developing phase. It aids many entities in their financing decisions, budget settlements and value engineering by applying alternatives. These estimates use the historical reports of the project with respect to the geography, time zone and square footage measurements.


Preliminary estimate in construction falls into diverse classification. One type of it suiting one structure may not fit the other one. Thus, these estimates are applied depending on the suitability of the project’s phases. Furthermore, information from the client on a particular project forms a solid reliability check for it. 

Rough Order Magnitude Estimation

Our rough order magnitude preliminary estimation is an initial attempt to forecast the project throughout its span. We make the project picking and finance distribution decisions based on these estimates. This makes the mind of contractors, investors, developers, and architects clear for its workability. 


Preliminary Budget Estimation

We provide budget estimation in the planning phase of the project. In this, we take help from the previous plannings and data collection of the relevant projects. The entire picture of the expenditures attached to the material and labor used in the construction becomes clear for a correct budget estimation.

Ballpark Estimation

The ballpark estimation by our team is a rough initial guess of the cost range that might differ in value in the proceeding phases. We make this type of estimate with a high uncertainty level to make up a tentative scope of the project. We alter budget decisions based on this.

Definitive Estimation

States Estimating’s definitive or digital preliminary estimate construction service is a well-defined and comprehensive cost projection for a project. This type of estimation is made upon the exhausted list generation of the project’s elements categorization. We require a well-developed construction design for this type of estimation

Preliminary Estimate | States Estimating


Contributing Factors for A Correct Preliminary Estimate

Estimation done on assumptions requires authentic reference of location, time, size and type of construction project. The following factors if considered during the preliminary estimate preparation can bring precise results.

  • We must follow future cost indexing while making preliminary estimates. Since we do this type of estimation some years before the construction work, we must consider that the prices of labor or material may change over time due to inflation or deflation.
  • Setting the price of the labor of material for certain locations may vary for the other area. We must take into account a national cost index in the estimations to set the bill according to that specific area.
  • Project costing takes account of the dimensions and expanse of the construction building. A size factor when applied to estimating the cost, an exact building area can be measured.
  • Along with other major heads of construction costs, the quality of quantities is also another important contributing factor to the accuracy of the estimation. Prices vary with the quality of the material. Thorough information about the quantities selected for use can help in making correct preliminary estimates.
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